• Born and raised in Georgia.
  • Went to school at RIT and SVA.
  • Apt in NYC & a house in New Orleans.
  • people.
  • I enjoy making portraits of people especially of people who don't have their
  • portraits often made. It's my privilege to try and show the best of each person.Their nobility and sometimes their vulnerabilities. I don’t take it lightly.
  • Its indeed a honor.
  • food.
  • i live to eat. the sensuousness of food:
  • aroma, texture, color, shape and of course flavor.
  • I only want your mouth to water after you look at my food pictures.
  • I have called what I do :Culinary Photojournalism.
  • A story in food.
  • Clients include:
  • Mario Batali Joe Bastianich Restaurant Group, Little Brown,Viking,Savuer Magazine, Gotham Books, Random House, Ballantine Press, Simon & Schuster,Morgan Stanley, Food Corps, Bon Appetit, Amazon Publishing,Cucina Italiana, Vetri Family,Running Press,Ten Speed Press,Merideth,CBS Television, Federal Express, Newsweek,Lippincott, Golf Digest,Crown Publishing, Broadway Books, Carbone Smolan, Free Press, Franklin Templeton, Harper Collins, People Magazine, Pocket Books, Spa Finders Magazine, Warner Bros Television, Young & Rubicam and American Diabetes Assc.

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