Politics & Campaigns

Jamaal Bowman for US Congress

Bowman is another candidate in New York that took on an established incumbent and won. The campaign was an great example of how grassroots campaigning and seeing the needs of your district can beat big money. And he did this during the height of the pandemic! It was my great honor to help in his campaign to get his message across.

Alvin Bragg for Manhattan DA

Adom's Story

"This Fight is Our Fight"     Senator Elizabeth Warren

Published by Henry Holt & Company 2017.

After doing Senator Warren's first book cover,"A Fighting Chance", she personally asked that I do her second. I was thrilled!

Elizabeth Warren's Washington Square Rally, NYC

Senator Warren drew over 20,000 folks for her rally in September that celebrated the history of labor organizing including Francis Perkins. True to form, she stayed for four hours to do selfies with everyone who got in line!!


Nadler for Congress 2020

John Kerry, Everyday is Extra

For Secretary of State Kerry's memoir, I travelled to Martha's Vineyard for a beautiful beach and sky shot. However, the day of the shoot, it was 35 degrees with 30 mph wind. The Secretary said "Welcome to Massachuetts in March!!" We found a good spot indoors!

Pierina Sanchez:                                    NYC Council: Bronx District 14

Pierina is what politics need much more of. Smart, determined and honest. Working for folks who don't have a voice. Inspiring.

Marjorie Velazquez: Bronx Council District 13

Tiffany Caban's Race for Queens DA

With over 500,000 views, this impactful video was a cornerstone to an incredible grassroots campaign. I was delighted to be involved with this inspiring candidate that came within 60 votes of an monumental win. In conjunction with Creative Resistance, I presented Tiffany's heart and passion with a strong message and visuals.

Kelcey Brackett: Iowa House District 91

The Creative Resistance was asked to produce six videos for Iowa's statehouse races in 2020. They asked me to produce and shoot all of them. Kelcey's is one of my favorites.

Kayla Koether: Iowa House District 55

"One of Us"                                       Jessica Ramos, NY State Senate

This is one of a series of videos I did for the successful Ramos campaign in 2018. Jessica was part of a huge political shift in New York State politics and her win help bust the IDC. Working with Creative Resistance, we pinpointed the issues that resonated with Queens voters.


I'm lucky enough to have done all of James Carville's books and it's been a hell of a lotta fun!