Tiffany Caban for Queens

"One of Us", Jessica Ramos, NY State Senator

This is one of a series of videos I did for the successful Ramos campaign in 2018. Jessica was part of a huge political shift in New York State politics and her win help bust the IDC. Working with Creative Resistance, we pinpointed the issues that resonated with Queens voters.

Forresters Financial : Carol Walker

Forresters Financial's video campaign highlighting clients and their great relationships with their advisors.

"Keep Queens Affordable" : Jessica Ramos, NY State Senator

Foresters Financial : Brian Ryan

Forester Financial's campaign highlighting their client personal stories and their strong relationship with Foresters' Financial Advisors.

"The Real Choice", Jasmine Robinson, NY State Senate Campaign

The Time In Children's Arts Initiative

This is a piece I did for this amazing non profit that enriches pre K thru third grade at risk public school kids in New York City. The founder Cyndie Berthezene presents an new opera every semester as a spring board in teaching a diverse arts program. She proves the idea that education is about inclusion and interaction and getting kids involved is the key to learning.